Graves' Anatomy

After her estranged father dies, tattoo artist Luna Graves discovers that it's her destiny to be a monsters. A funny and fast-paced urban fantasy from the screenwriters of MOTHER OF TEARS and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS.


Destiny? Fairy tale endings? Things that go bump in the night? Luna Graves doesn’t believe in any of them. Her father took off when she was three, and she’s worked hard to become one of the best young tattoo artists in Los Angeles. Of course, there was that mysterious exchange she had when she was 12 with Heath Guillaumet, who might not have been human. Naw, that was just her imagination...or was it?


When her estranged father dies, Luna discovers that he led a secret life as an uphir, a doctor to the shadowkind — what we would call monsters. Now that he’s gone, she has to take his place or face the consequences. Thrust into a world she doesn’t know, the stubborn Luna refuses to give up on her original dreams. Soon Heath Guillaumet will return to unleash a disease last battled by the Knights Templar…the Black Death.