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Husband-and-wife writing team Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch have written together for twenty years. Despite the differences in their upbringings — she’s a Harvard-educated ballet dancer, he’s a skateboarding punk rocker — they have collaborated on everything from tween-friendly young adult pieces and mainstream horror fare to literary neo-noirs and Italian horror films. They love mixing genres and colliding worlds, and neither can face the day without a good cup of coffee. They live in Los Angeles with two emotionally needy dogs and one very old map turtle.

They are the authors of the Luna Graves urban fantasy series, which tells the story of Luna Graves, a tattoo artist who discovers it’s her destiny to be a doctor — to monsters. 

They have fifteen produced credits as screenwriters and have steadily worked on rewrites and open writing assignments with major studios/production companies such as Lakeshore, Fox, CBS Films, Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, MTV and Disney. The pair were mentored by legendary horror director Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Poltergeist) and wrote three scripts for him. Jace and Adam also co-wrote a script for acclaimed horror director/novelist Clive Barker based on his short story “Dread.” They collaborated with Italy’s most famous horror director, Dario Argento, on the script for The Mother of Tears, the long-awaited finale entry to Argento’s Suspiria trilogy.

Adam has directed many of the team’s scripts.  He most recently won a Saturn Award for his segment in the Rotten Tomatoes “certified fresh” anthology feature film Tales of Halloween. Jace plans to make her directorial debut with The Method, a literary neo-noir based on bestselling author Janet Fitch’s short story of the same name.

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